Peace Love Unity Respect

There is no judgement, no worries, nothing but music, a good vibe, and knowing that everyone around you truly understands what it is to be at PEACE with everyone else. They are willing to LOVE anyone for who they are without judgement. You can feel the UNITY that comes from knowing that you are truly above all worries. And you realize that everyone, including yourself, RESPECTS everyone and everything around them.

About Me :3

Hey guys :) I'm 20 years old. I live in the US and I'm a kandi kid! I live by PLUR! I'm a very laid back person and I love making new friends :)

Things I Like

Electric Dance Music, Kandi, Anime, Psychedelic things, Neon, Kawaii, Artsy Things, Japanese Culture, Cosplay Video games Lord of the Rings
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Hardcore, UK Hardcore, Hardstyle, Trance, Epic Trance, House, DnB, Industrial

Other Stuff

Instagram: m00nchild93
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